[PRE-ORDER] “Christmas at 7222, Vol. 2” Now Available For Pre-order On Bandcamp

Greetings, fine folks! Today, you can pre-order and reserve your digital copy of Christmas at 7222, Vol. 2 on Bandcamp. The full EP drops on Dec. 18, 2020.

Where Christmas at 7222, Vol. 1 focuses mostly on goodwill and good times with loved ones, Vol. 2 reflects on the year we’ve had with COVID-19, protests over racial injustice, and the wave of obstacles we’ve had to either endure, or overcome, as a result. From relationship strains, to mental health concerns, and the looming cloud of mortality – this latest EP invokes all those thoughts and feelings. Still, even through all the hardships and pain, the album still manages to leave space for hope, and ends on a high note. The moral of the album is this: storms don’t last forever – humanity will endure. Finding hope through it all is the hallmark of all holiday seasons.

Reserve your copy today, and thank you in advance for supporting this independent artist’s ambitions. Happy Holidays!

P.S. – If you have not done so, check out the lead-off single, “Not Enough (Wishful Thinking)”, featuring one of my many talented nephews, Wink, and Queens native and wordsmith SoSoon. You’re in for a treat – check it out below!

SINGLE: “The Gift Of Giving” (Featuring Troi)

This is the lead-off single from my upcoming holiday album, “Christmas At 7222, Vol. 1”. This song – “The Gift Of Giving” – features an appearance from my youngest niece, rising R&B star Troi (yes, my family is quite the talented bunch – call us The Jacksons 2.0). The song is about giving whatever you can give to others, and basking in the gift of having it returned. It is about the profound effect of giving as an act, however big or small.

Pre-order “Christmas At 7222, Vol. 1” and receive this single with your purchase. Album available for release exclusively on Bandcamp on December 6, 2019.

P.S. – Don’t forget to leave a comment professing your overwhelming love for this song!