[NEW SINGLE] “Hymnal for the Lamented (The Substantial Remix)” Now Available on StephanieGayleMerch.com and Bandcamp.com

Even after the holidays, Christmas at 7222, Vol. 2 is still in your rotation, and I love that, seriously – thank you. Turns out, my Big Bro and Mentor Substantial was moved by one of the songs from the project and, uh…we made a REMIX!

“Hymnal for the Lamented (The Substantial Remix)” is the name, and it is NOW AVAILABLE on Bandcamp and StephanieGayleMerch.com today, on Martin Luther King, Jr.’s actual birthday – I figured it would be fitting since this song is about celebrating and honoring people who are no longer with us.

Click on any of the links above to hear the track or purchase it for your own personal collection. You can also click on the hyperlink below so you can pre-save the song for Spotify, because it will be released there and several other major platforms next week.

By the way…Happy New Year.

[NOW STREAMING] “Reconsider (feat. The Lyrics)” Available Now On Spotify, Apple Music, And More

Good Morning All,

Today, the new single “Reconsider (feat. The Lyrics)” is now available on major streaming platforms such as SpotifyApple Music, and many others. The response to this single has been great, so please continue to share it with your friends and with anyone who is willing to try something new. Also, please take some time out to rate this song favorably or write a kind word or two on your music platform of choice. My voice and music do not reach any further without your support. Let’s continue where “Walk Into the New Year Like…” left off!

ALSO AVAILABLE: “Reconsider” Lyric Video On YouTube

For the first time ever, I have created a lyric video for one of my singles! Now, you can learn the words to “Reconsider” and sing along when you come to one of my upcoming performances. Check it out on YouTube today and leave a comment letting me know what you think of it.

A Special Note For You

I hope this song and my music lifts the spirits of those who are feeling a bit dejected in the wake of this devastating pandemic. It feels daunting and, I’m sure, seemingly unending. Just know that no matter what happens, storms don’t last forever – we will all sing and dance in the sunlight again. Keep your spirits high and push forward, we’ll get there! xoxo