[NOW AVAILABLE] “Christmas at 7222, Vol. 2” is available exclusively on Bandcamp

Break out the fresh egg nog – the wait is over! Christmas at 7222, Vol. 2 is finally here, and for now, it is exclusively on Bandcamp.

This follow-up to 2019’s holiday EP, Christmas at 7222, Vol. 1, continues the goal of creating new holiday originals with a hint of nostalgia. However, Vol. 2 takes a slight detour, tackling some issues that affected us in 2020, and still affect many of us throughout this holiday season. Mental heath, relationship challenges, and the ever-looming presence of mortality and how precious it is, are the main themes addressed on this album. Through it all, hope still springs eternal, and that is the defining theme of this album, and every holiday season.

You can listen to Christmas at 7222, Vol. 2 above, through the embedded Bandcamp music player, and you can make your purchase through it, as well. Please also leave a great comment on the album’s Bandcamp page about the project and tell the world what your favorite song is. Thanks in advance, and Happy Holidays to all of you!

[NEW MUSIC] “Not Enough (Wishful Thinking)” feat. Wink & SoSoon

Good Morning Fam,

SURPRISE! Christmas has come early…not really, but what I have IS a nice surprise!

Today, I’m releasing the lead-off single to my forthcoming follow-up holiday EP, Christmas at 7222, Vol. 2. The song is called “Not Enough (Wishful Thinking)” and features one of my talented nephews who goes by the name of Wink, and Queens, New York native and emcee, SoSoon. Get ready, because this holiday single is on another level, giving you that “winter in New York, with Timberland boots on” feeling, while hitting you with thought-provoking and deeply introspective lyrics through and through.

Check out this banger of a single and help me continue to make amazing music for you by making a purchase on Bandcamp. Thanks for being a supporter of my craft, and please, be sure to write a comment under the track – either here or on Bandcamp – so the rest of the world can see how dope it is.

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[ARTICLE] Read “Strength In Vulnerability: A Profile Of Stephanie Gayle” By Starrene Rhett-Rocque

Click the photo above to read the full article.

In early June, I spoke with American Urban Radio Networks writer Starrene Rhett-Rocque, and we touched on a myriad of topics, ranging from my upbringing in P.G. County, MD as a queer youth to the challenges I faced confronting my parents about my sexual orientation; it all leads to the way I arrange, approach, and present my brand of music to you – through conversation.

Click here, or click on the photo above and get to know a little bit more about me.

[NEW SINGLE] “Reconsider (feat. The Lyrics)”


Last week on Instagram, I promised my fans that I would release a new single if they helped the “Vulnerable” music video reach 1,000 views on YouTube…and you all made it happen! So, now I’m keeping my promise by releasing a single I wasn’t going to release just yet, initially. But, then I thought, “…this track is too hot to sit on.”

So, here it is! Fresh out of the kitchen is a new track entitled “Reconsider”, featuring Bronx Bomber native The Lyrics (IG: @lyrics156). This is a heavy-hitter produced by yours truly, and it’s guaranteed to liven up your long stint in self-isolation.

Listen to the track above, and then leave a comment on my Bandcamp page and let the world know how much you really love this single.

Substantial’s First Instrumental LP, “The Garden”, Is Available Now

substantial the garden lp cover

At long last, the album that you’ve all been anticipating is finally here! The first instrumental LP from internationally-known MC, Substantial, is entitled The Garden, and was inspired by a trip to the Bronx Botanic Garden in New York City. Besides being a legendary MC, Sub has always had a talent for production, though it has rarely been displayed on a world-class stage – until now.

This album features a cultivation and array (see what I just did there?) of talent from the likes of Marcus D, Gerson Zaragosa, Malcolm Jackson, Uyama Hiroto, and of course, yours truly, who is featured on the only track that has sung and spoken lyrics, “Beyond The Stage”, which can be heard on this site by clicking on the player below.

You can find and purchase The Garden on all major streaming sites worldwide. Click the photo above to be directed to Substantial’s Bandcamp page with the album.