[NEW SINGLE] “Hymnal for the Lamented (The Substantial Remix)” Now Available on StephanieGayleMerch.com and Bandcamp.com

Even after the holidays, Christmas at 7222, Vol. 2 is still in your rotation, and I love that, seriously – thank you. Turns out, my Big Bro and Mentor Substantial was moved by one of the songs from the project and, uh…we made a REMIX!

“Hymnal for the Lamented (The Substantial Remix)” is the name, and it is NOW AVAILABLE on Bandcamp and StephanieGayleMerch.com today, on Martin Luther King, Jr.’s actual birthday – I figured it would be fitting since this song is about celebrating and honoring people who are no longer with us.

Click on any of the links above to hear the track or purchase it for your own personal collection. You can also click on the hyperlink below so you can pre-save the song for Spotify, because it will be released there and several other major platforms next week.

By the way…Happy New Year.

[NEW SINGLE] “Reconsider (feat. The Lyrics)”


Last week on Instagram, I promised my fans that I would release a new single if they helped the “Vulnerable” music video reach 1,000 views on YouTube…and you all made it happen! So, now I’m keeping my promise by releasing a single I wasn’t going to release just yet, initially. But, then I thought, “…this track is too hot to sit on.”

So, here it is! Fresh out of the kitchen is a new track entitled “Reconsider”, featuring Bronx Bomber native The Lyrics (IG: @lyrics156). This is a heavy-hitter produced by yours truly, and it’s guaranteed to liven up your long stint in self-isolation.

Listen to the track above, and then leave a comment on my Bandcamp page and let the world know how much you really love this single.

Substantial’s First Instrumental LP, “The Garden”, Is Available Now

substantial the garden lp cover

At long last, the album that you’ve all been anticipating is finally here! The first instrumental LP from internationally-known MC, Substantial, is entitled The Garden, and was inspired by a trip to the Bronx Botanic Garden in New York City. Besides being a legendary MC, Sub has always had a talent for production, though it has rarely been displayed on a world-class stage – until now.

This album features a cultivation and array (see what I just did there?) of talent from the likes of Marcus D, Gerson Zaragosa, Malcolm Jackson, Uyama Hiroto, and of course, yours truly, who is featured on the only track that has sung and spoken lyrics, “Beyond The Stage”, which can be heard on this site by clicking on the player below.

You can find and purchase The Garden on all major streaming sites worldwide. Click the photo above to be directed to Substantial’s Bandcamp page with the album.